Does anyone know any sites that you can play backgammon or you have to download it ?

I mean like sites that you play with someone else in the world !

5 Responses to “Does anyone know any sites that you can play backgammon or you have to download it ?”

  1. can't say says:

    Try Yahoo! Games. They have checkers there too.

  2. BRIAN G says:

    yahoo offers it along with lots of other games, also as well

  3. Chris says: just go to that and scroll down a little bit…you’ll see it

  4. sawftandtender says:

    another good site is Dice Arena

  5. Lady BG Cutthroat says:

    I don’t know how to start a new thread.

    Everytime I play BG my oponent will quit after 1 or 2 moves.

    I play at the highest level but even when I play someone that claims to be such,will quit on me early. I can tell in the first 2 moves if they are my equal. If not, I continue to play, very curtious and give praise where due.

    Does anyone have the same situation?

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