Understanding the rules makes it much more enjoyable for you to play backgammon. Once you learn and know the rules, the game is easier to play. There is no difference in the basic rules for land based and online backgammon.

Backgammon Aim

Backgammon is all about removing from the board all your checkers before your opponent removes his. The game is played with a total of fifteen checkers.

Method of Playing Backgammon

Taking care that the checkers are in the right places, you must first set up the backgammon board. Who plays first is determined by rolling of the die. Each player must then alternately roll two dice and move the checkers according to the number displayed on the dice.

Checkers must be moved by players only towards the home field and four moves can be made for dice rolled double. Points that already have the player’s or the opponent’s pieces are known as empty points.

Hitting Opponent’s Checkers

Hitting opponent’s checkers is possible if you land in a place where there is only one checker of your opponent. After you land at the place that contains your opponent’s checker, you can hit it and send it from the board off to the bar.

Bringing In the Checker

It is necessary to first bring in your checker if your checker has been hit. This is the only way you can continue playing. You will miss your turn if you are unable to throw a dice that will allow you to bring into the home field of your opponent, your checker.

Ultimate Aim is to Bear Off

The moment of bearing off is what you play towards in every backgammon game. You can start to bear off the moment you succeed in moving all checkers into the home field. The last dice you throw before bearing off must be enough to move you off the board. The player who is able to move all his checkers off the board first is the winner.

Points Earned in Backgammon

You win one point for moving all your checkers before your opponent. If your opponent has been unable to bear off any of his checkers before you remove all yours from the board, you gain two points. This is also known as gammon. If your opponent still has one checker in the home field by the time you remove all checkers, you get three points.

Places Where You Can Play Backgammon

Before the advent of the internet, we had only the land based option for playing backgammon. Even back then this game was hugely popular. Backgammon has been steadily gaining in popularity online. It is not difficult to find many websites offering this game where you can play either for free or for real money. It is important to find out if the website you choose suits your exact needs and will teach you the rules of the game. Before playing for real money, it is recommended to try your hand at the free play.

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