Do any one knows where can i play backgammon online free?

Please tell me if anyone of you knows where can i play online backgammon for free. Or even download a backgammon game for free for LAN gaming.
I did went to & i even register, however when i tried to play the backgammon window is just way too long to load, I don’t know maybe it’s our i-net speed or what.
Any downloadable software for LAN Gaming?

6 Responses to “Do any one knows where can i play backgammon online free?”

  1. inomostuff says:

    I think yahoo games has a backgammon table

  2. Gerly says:

    Honey, I don’t know where to get a free backgammon playing online. most of them offer cheap registartion.
    However this game reminds me of playing with my husband.

  3. frogfairy says:

    i think on the free membership at Dice Arena you can play backgammon. I joined their pay membership, only like $35 a year, but I’m pretty sure backgammon is on the list of free games. you simply have to sign up, and you can play quite a few games.

  4. sirgaryg says:

    Try Dice Arena. Theres Backgammon there as well as other games.

  5. iRob says:

    The best (and one of the most popular) site to play online backgammon has to be Party Gammon.

    It’s a turn based site that is absolutely free to use. Create a membership then play as many games as you like.

  6. jeffsdahbomb says:

    Dice Arena is ok, you can pay70.$ ayear for commercial free games and you get extra perks like emoutions or happy faces you can send to other players.. not worth the money.

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